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Promoting bamboo culture as an alternative to timber wood exploitation


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About the project Edit

Founded in 2002, Global Bamboo Products Ghana (GBPL) is a high-quality industrial bamboo production company that employs over 100 people.

By creating a substitute for timber culture, GBPL's goal is to relieve pressure on dwindling forests through reforestation and bamboo agroforestry, producing and marketing bamboo and other noNTFP), and training rural community members in handicraft production and alternative livelihood options such as beekeeping and bamboo charcoal production.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

With the culture of bamboo and handicraft training, Global Bamboo Products Ghana provides an alternative source of revenue to Ghana communities that were once dependent on timberwood forestry. Moreover, this shift of economic activity preserves existing timberwood forests and natural habitats because communities don't have to rely on deforestation to gather resources and income.

This bamboo plantation project is an unique initiative in Ghana, the first in a degraded forest reserve.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Social impact: GBPL provides handicraft training for up to 100 young people which enables them to earn up to $150 USD per month. It also provides up to 100 community members, mostly women, with beehives. GBPL will contract 150 farmers to plant bamboo and use the plantation land for agroforestry.

Environmental impact: The initiative reduces pressure on dwindling forests by reforesting 100 hectares with bamboo, supporting agroforestry, developing and promoting non-timber forest products and teaching rural communities how to generate income without clearing forests for agricultural use.

Economic impact: While increasing land productivity by combining bamboo plantation with agroforestry and beekeeping, the initiative aims to build a stable and growing market for its artisans’ handicrafts and develop a local industrial bamboo product industry.

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