Biogas: An alternative to firewood and fuel

Biogas is a gas obtained from the decomposition of organic matter


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Mali, région de Kayes.Dans les communes de Ségala, Séro, Maréna-diombougou, Koniakary. Par l'ONG AMCFE, Responsable technique: Ousmane OUATTARA Tel: 76 27 51 99 E-mails:
ML Mali


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Biogas is a gas obtained from the decomposition of organic matter.

The device is very simple. It is given to the populations where wood is sorely needed, where for example, populations go from forest to forest to find wood.

The more the reserve is supplied by organic waste (even cow dung), the more gas there will be. There is a plastic or metal gas tank where the gas is stocked and connected to the home.

Installation cost varies according to size (5 m3, 15 m3).

Cement and sand blocks can be used for manufacturing. 200,000 FCFA should be budgeted for installing a medium-sized gas tank.

Biogas has many advantages. It is an energy source for cooking meals, powering fridges, supplying electricity (by adapting generators to biogas). Some generators work only with biogas and help power irrigation up to four hectares.

From ecotourism, can be developed from biogas facilities.


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