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Wind turbines that produce drinking water


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ZA Les Bastides Blanches - 04220 SAINTE TULLE / FRANCE
FR France
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About the project Edit

"You give us the wind, We give you water." This is the slogan of a wind system that can produce drinking water. It was while visiting a house without drinking water in the West Indies where Marc Parent had the idea for Eole Water. Located in the south of France, the company is now the world leader in the field of producing wind energy systems by condensation.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

It works on the idea of transforming the moisture in the air into drinking water. The wind turbine, first harnesses the natural moisture in the air. After condensation, the moisture is converted into water through a refrigeration unit located in the nacelle. This condensed water flows through a particle filter and is then stored in the wind tower.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This wind turbine has two advantages: it not only produces drinking water, but it also creates electricity (25% more electricity than it needs for its operation). Therefore, if the air is dry during the day and wet at night, the wind turbine switches between producing electricity and water. A portable model was created for cases of natural disasters. The turbine will therefore provide affected populations with both water and electricity. To fight off the drought, some countries desalinate seawater, but doing so, creates a lot of pollution. This wind turbine has several advantages: it doesn't have an impact on the ecology, it doesn't consume any energy and most importantly, it does not pollute.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

The first model of the Eole Water has been operating since 2000, but Marc Parent has waited eight years before joining forces with friends to start a business. Since then, he has filed patents, presented a prototype in the Middle East, and got into contact with eventual American and Indian buyers. Before building large quantities of these machines, Marc Parent has to find industrial and financial partners. His intention is to market the concept in developing countries, and the goal is to target poor and under-irrigated countries.

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