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In general, big companies in Africa have software packages that allow them do their accounting and generate financial statements. However, small companies, small retailers and young entrepreneurs are limited to using paper to record their financial flows and have little or no reliable figures on their business activity. This poses serious problems to productivity, access to credit, respecting legislation, etc.

On a national level, these problems lead to the lack of figures to achieve economic strategies to the painful collection of tax receipts to the wide range of small inefficient and incapable structures to expand their business to a little confidence in businesses, etc.

With this in mind, FINETA proposes to give businesses tools that, on the one hand, help to elaborate financial information and on the other, exploit this information to streamline relations between the company and its various partners (banks, insurance companies, public services, investors, etc.).

Concretely, FINETA is a secure Web application that elaborates, shares and analyzes financial information with the objective to ultimately manage the lifecycle of financial flows from the start of operations to decision-making based on financial data.

First, FINETA targets companies in the Organization for the Harmonization in Africa of Business Law (OHADA) zone that includes 16 African countries. By using FINETA, these companies have greater control and understanding of their accounting. With FINETA, their relationship with the State, banks and investors are largely facilitated. With FINETA, the economy – the engine of social well-being – is improved.


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