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Youth from Burkina Faso creating a community dedicated to creative social projects


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About the project Edit

The “IP Burkina” group was launched on December 14, 2011 to bring together innovators from Burkina Faso. It is facilitated by a core group of 5 young people who will be trained and assisted by the animation-fr group, which brings together Francophone group facilitators (http://imaginationforpeople.org/fr/workgroup/animfr/). In addition to the organizing associations and other associations and innovators of Burkina Faso, the minister of transport, post, and telecommunications and the minister responsible for literacy have designated personnel from their ministries to participate in IP Burkina. The goal of this participation is to promote new ideas for living together that proved their worth through pilot testing and to help them expand and develop. These ideas could change the lives of many people in Burkina Faso and perhaps even be reproduced to the benefit of other countries’ populations.

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