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Communication network in rural areas


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About the project Edit

A wireless ITC+ Intranet network in rural areas
An inexpensive, alternative and evolving communication network
A way to encourage civil society to participate in developing rural areas

An Intranet-type communication network in rural areas that is a network of computers linked to each other via independent radio links from any infrastructure. One of the Intranet network nodes is linked to the world Internet network (via satellite or local server). From there, the Internet link is shared with all other computers attached to the network.

The project was inspired by similar realizations in Uganda, Laos and India in particular.

I: is for the Intranet network that everything is attached to – the backbone of local development
TC: is for the Technologies in Communication and Information
+: is for exploiting this tool to develop in an “alternative” framework


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The ITC+ project aims to give people access to a means of exchanging information in the following areas:

Agricultural and craft development: exploiting better seeds, innovative cultures adapted to the local environment, appropriate technologies, research of new markets for marketing and transforming products.

• Health: remote diagnostics, food hygiene, maternity, primary care, AIDS
• Education and training : homework school, skill sharing
• Environment: quality of life, participatory management of natural resources

What is the social value of this project? Edit

1 – www-iNet: Creating an information and communication centre
2 – WiFi-Net: Developing an interconnected Intranet network of host computers
3 –www-Act: Launching an activity park

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

"Making solar lamps" workshop

To allow access to Intranet network equipment and activities that are linked to it (for artisans, educators and their students, etc.) after dark

To bring a very concrete and useful vision of modernity to also ensure substantial energy savings

This activity is based on the SOLUX concept that allows local manufacturing of close to 85% of parts

"Craft" workshop

An international market in full expansion

Intergrating into existing dissemination and marketing channels

To help set up bridges between producers and consumers, artists and designers

"Tourism development" workshop

Tourism development can open new fields of economic activity and social-cultural exchanges in southern and northern communities.

The project aims to realize – with women in particular – the first hosting facilities that will help ensure ecotourism.

“Solar stove” or solar cooking workshop

To fight against deforestation to better manage the environment

To manufacture home steam cookers

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

Facilitating communication in rural areas at a cheaper cost

What is the business model of this project? Edit

This tool should be considered the backbone of a global development project in which all development stakeholders (women’s associations, schools, health centres, public authorities, etc.) are invited to get involved.

ITC+ is a support tool for education, training, stimulating exchange networks and creating micro-enterprises


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