Radio ambulancia

Device for ambulances to inform drivers on the radio to make way for the vehicle.


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About the project Edit

The city of Guayaquil is the largest and most populous of Ecuador. Ambulances therefore a new way they can cut through traffic : they infiltrate the radios of cars one mile around to ask them to step aside and free the center lane.

The production is a social campaign developed for the Ecuadorian Association of Broadcasters (AER). The creative agency Maruri Grey proposed to the AER and the Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals to equip ambulances with low frequency antennas to intercept AM and FM stations in a radius of 1 kilometer .

The technical part was developed by a team from the Polytechnic School of the Coast (Espol). It operates in a range of one kilometer, uni-directionally.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

If the front of the ambulance drivers have the radio on, they hear a message notifying them of the approach of an ambulance and asking them to withdraw aside to make way .

Of course, the closest car hear the ambulance siren and can react, but those who are a kilometer away, not so much.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Radio Ambulance is very creative idea that can save many lives.

Driving an ambulance in a city with a lot of traffic is a problem: for whom drives the ambulance, but mostly for whom's life depends on the arrival time of the ambulance. One minute can make a difference.

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