Regional social entrepreneurship meeting of West Africa

Conferences, workshops and field visits geared towards access to energy and nutrition


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About the project Edit

Every year since 2009, Entrepreneurs of the World organizes a Regional Meeting that gathers microfinancing institution partners of West Africa and Haiti. The third edition held in September 2011 in Accra had close to 40 participants over five days to discuss social microfinancing.

For the first time in 2012, our Regional Meeting will address social entrepreneurship. This ground-breaking event will take place in Ouagadougou from October 1st to 5th.

The seminar will target the areas of access to energy and nutrition. During the conferences, practical workshops and field visits, the following subjects will be worked on: creating social enterprises, value chain funding , innovative business models, social marketing, measuring social impact, etc.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Despite the fact that more and more players are taking an interest in social entrepreneurship or social business in Europe in the last few years, the concept is still new in West Africa. For the first time, a week-long event will be dedicated to social entrepreneurship in order to increase awareness of this type of entrepreneurship for those in development and younger generations which is key to developing the continent.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Creating socially useful jobs, sharing equally in the wealth that is generated, making profit a means and not an end, social enterprises bring tangible and innovative responses to a number of challenges facing society. The regional meeting is an opportunity to:

- Help create innovative partnerships in the struggle against poverty and economic development.
- Capitalize on everybody’s experience and spread sound practices in terms of following up on the impact of action, population participation, etc.
- Create young generations of African managers in this new form of engagement and to bring them together with institutions that can help them realize their projects.
- Launch an honest interaction of exchange and benefit from the various West African players involved in the field of social entrepreneurship.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

This initiative is a single event that will focus on several types of development:

- Entrepreneurs of the World will benefit from the participants’ experience to increase the impact of social entrepreneurship projects implemented in Burkina Faso and Togo, notably “Spirulina, microfinancing and health” projects and “A woman, a home, a forest”.
- Donors and investors will capitalize on the participants’ experience in the field of social entrepreneurship and learn best practices, expand their prospect base and always support projects that have a strong social and/or environmental impact.
- Participating organizations will identify sound practices to put in place and develop innovative partnerships in order to increase their social and environmental impact in a sustainable manner.

Entrepreneurs of the World will feed the Regional Meeting Content Practices site in order to make all new tools available. It will be a funding site fed by Entrepreneurs of the World who have free access.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

Every year since 2009, Entrepreneurs of the World has organized a Regional Meeting that gathers microfinance institution partners of West Africa and Haiti. Regional seminars are a concrete face of the honest interaction of exchange and funding that Entrepreneurs of the World encourages among its partners to spread sound practices and gain experience from everyone.

Moreover, Entrepreneurs of the World develops social entrepreneurship projects. Three years after starting these projects, it is time for Entrepreneurs of the World to share its experience and benefit from the input of outside stakeholders in order to develop its large-scale projects. This is also the time to give a boost to the social entrepreneurship sector in West Africa.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

The regional meeting will be financed in part by guest attendance fees and funds raised by Entrepreneurs of the World especially for this project. Entrepreneurs of the World is still looking for sponsors to contribute financially to the event!


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