RONJA (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access) is a free-space optical communication system


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RONJA (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access) is a free-space optical communication system originating in the Czech Republic. It transmits data wirelessly using beams of light. Ronja can be used to create a 10 Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet point-to-point link.
The range of the basic configuration is 1.4 km (0.87 mi). The device consists of a receiver and transmitter pipe (optical head) mounted on a sturdy adjustable holder. Two coaxial cables are used to connect the rooftop installation with a protocol translator installed in the house near a computer or switch. The range can be extended to 1.9 km (1.2 mi) by doubling or tripling the transmitter pipe.
Building instructions, blueprints, and schematics are published under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. Only free software tools are used in the development. The author calls this level of freedom "User Controlled Technology". Ronja is a project of Twibright Labs.

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The building instructions are written with an inexperienced builder in mind. Basic operations like drilling, soldering etc., are explained. Several techniques - drilling templates, detailed checks after soldering, testing procedures - are employed to minimize errors at critical places and help to speed up work. Printed circuit boards are downloadable ready for manufacture, with instructions for the fabhouse. People with no previous experience with building electronics have reported on the mailing list that the device ran on the first try.
Around 153 installations worldwide have been registered into a gallery.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The whole toolchain is built strictly upon free tools and the source files are provided, free, under the GPL. This allows anyone to enter the development, start manufacture or invest into the technology without entry costs. Such costs normally can include software licence costs, time investment into resolution of compatibility issues between proprietary applications, or costs of intellectual property licence negotiations. The decision to conceive the project this way was inspired by observed organizational efficiency of Free Software.
In Christmas 2001, Ronja became the world's first 10 Mbit/s Free Space Optics device with free sources.

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Ronja Tetrapolis: Range of 1.4 km (0.87 mi), red visible light. Connect with 8P8C connector into a network card or switch.
Ronja 10M Metropolis: Range of 1.4 km (0.87 mi), red visible light. Connects to Attachment Unit Interface.
Ronja Inferno: Range of 1.25 km (0.78 mi), invisible infrared light.
Ronja Benchpress: A measurement device for developers for physical measurement of lens/LED combination gain and calculation of range from that
Ronja Lopipe: The original (discontinued) design using red visible light and a RS232 interface for a max 115 kbit/s PPP/SLIP link.


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