Takunda Youth Development Trust

Takunda Youth Development Trust (TYDT) is a Community Based Organization orperating in Buawayo Zimbabwe Registration number CF25/2012.


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About the project Edit

Takunda Youth Development Trust (TYDT) is a Community Based Organization orperating in Buawayo Zimbabwe Registration number CF25/2012.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Takunda Youth Development Trust (TYDT) is a Community Based Organization registered under the Deeds office in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Registration number CF25/2012. Our vision is to be a leading organization in developing and empowering orphans and vulnerable children and youths. We want to contribute to a situation in which disadvantaged children’s spiritual, social, physical, mental, emotional and psychological needs are met in a holistic approach as we believe that each child has a right to live his/her life to its fullness.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Youths are the key stakeholders in this project as their input in planning and evaluation of the project is vital. However participation of adults is crucial to this project; there are those stakeholders that seek to facilitate the realization of the basic rights of children especially the disabled. TYDT will work with National Organizations such as National AIDS Council, Zimbabwe National Young People’s Net work, Hope For A Child in Christ, Ministry of Youth and Gender, Social Services (Child Protection Committees and Zimbabwe AIDS Network.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

1.There will be community ownership as trained community based facilitators and youths will be directly involved at all stages of the project planning, implementation and evaluation
2. Networking with other stakeholders will ensure that they cover the gaps were we are unable to meet all the needs of the youths

• Enhanced decision making skills for 500 youth.
• 2500 youth accessing Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS information, Counseling and Treatment and Care.
• 500 youth trained in needs analysis, gender analysis, advocacy, media, and documentation and information dissemination.
• 500 youths empowered to start their own businesses
• Increased number of youth participating in gender issues and human rights.
• Increased number of youth participating in human rights and advocacy issues
• 25 youth information corners strengthened
• 50 youth peer educators trained
• Improved quality of life for the youth

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

• The organization is a product of youths from Mpilo Opportunistic Infections Clinic in Bulawayo. We identified the need to work as young people and develop our lives and people around us because we are the victims of this vulnerability. With the experience and knowledge we have archived, we would like to disseminate the information to others.
• The name of this organization TAKUNDA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT RUST means we have won. We have won this fight against HIV and AIDS now what needs to be done is to help the affected and infected archive the desired healthy life style. The organization is a youth focused organization that will work with youths that are living with HIV and affected by poverty hence with professionals in the field and management.
• However the organization has not received any funding. We therefore appeal to any donations in cash or kind.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

1.Needs Analysis, Development of Youth Manual on Decision Making, Training Youths in leadership skills and Life skills, Strengthening of Youth Clubs
2.Training on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, Health awareness campaigns, HIV and AIDS seminars/workshops, Implementation of HIV and AIDS Behavior Change Strategy, Training Youth Peer Educators, Strengthening of existing Youth Friendly Corners, Development of relevant Information, Education and Communication Materials
3.Vocational skills training, Acquisition of Inputs and machinery for workshops, Build youths in taking responsibility for production, marketing, and distribution of their products
4. Awareness campaigns on Gender Mainstreaming, Formation of young people’s networks in ward 10, Training of youths in coordination and networking, Training on Gender Mainstreaming and Advocacy.
5.Community Sensitization Meetings on Human Rights and Advocacy, Advocacy and Lobbying Meetings on Human Rights and Policy Formulation for Policy Makers and Youths.

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