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About the project Edit

everything, everyone wins in the exchange of knowledge.
Knowledge sharing is the only kind of sharing where we do not end up with less by giving.
We believe that human progress is directly connected to progress in knowledge and education.
Digital technology allows educational knowledge to be shared in an easy, open, and free way.
We believe in the creativity of teachers and of people in general.
We are confident that by pooling this creativity through teacher networks, we can transform the dream of a better education for all into a reality. This is why we created Sankoré.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Sankoré aims to improve educational practices through the use of an interactive digital wall in primary school, informal education, and continuing education programs. The project is based on providing 5 building blocks:
-An open-source interactive wall program (tébéiciel) accessible worldwide. This program can also be used with interactive WiiMote whiteboards;
-Organization and facilitation of a space for the mutualization of free educational resources that have been published under a Creative Commons license;
-6000 digital classes for use with a laptop (with Ubuntu and useful classroom resources such as, Wikipedia that can be used without an internet connection) and an interactive video projector that uses a white wall to complement the traditional chalkboard;
-Training and support for teachers in partner countries;
-Support for digital resource production “cooperatives” in partner countries. Sankoré does not propose individual equipment for children or the use of the internet (at the present time). Our program is intended as a complement to these types of initiatives and prioritizes equipment for instructors and the diversification of teaching methods through the use of digital tools and resources.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Sankoré provides teachers often lacking in pedagogical materials (access to few or no textbooks) with powerful and easy-to-use digital tools. Sankoré promotes the creation, exchange and sharing of open and free educational resources in the form of basic components such as illustrations, maps, sounds, and specific programs as well as complete curricula. The shared resources include Web 2.0 applications that is, content created by site users and applications deemed particularly useful by an editorial committee. Sankoré also supports technological innovation projects that use low-cost, state-of-the-art technology to increase the number of digital resources available to teachers.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

In the next five years, Sankoré aims to be launched in 30 000 primary school classrooms, therefore improving the education of nearly 2 million children, based on 65 children per class. The program was launched in the first 1300 classes by spring 2011 and the program tools are seeing continual improvement. The Web 2.0 resource-sharing platform will be available in fall 2011. This concept could easily be replicated independently by other countries or by any sponsoring government willing to collaborate directly with the sponsored countries. Organized sharing of free and open pedagogical resources will contribute to the development of a new knowledge and resource sharing for teachers based on models such as Wikipedia, Sésamaths, E-learning for Kids, and Curriki. This resource sharing goes well beyond the African continent and will be useful for teachers all over the world.

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