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A free resource without advertising for artists and those who support them. It provides practical guides to using new internet tools as well as commentary on new economic models based on collaboration between artists and their public.

Amateurs that is, the passionate and unpaid or underpaid, make up the majority of artistic and cultural scenes, both in terms of numbers and productivity. However, these people lack both visibility and recognition, and are often underestimated.

Because they don’t make any money (or not enough money), these “small” players are generally not taken seriously and are often ignored by the mainstream entertainment industry, private institutions, and the media. In short, they are seen as losers or “tocards.”

The idea behind Toc-Arts is to support the arts scene and its diversity by supporting the scene on all levels, starting with the “small” players that make up the cultural ecosystem, the “Toc-Arts.”

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Unlike most projects that use a silo approach, Toc-Arts supports the entire arts ecosystem, starting, first and foremost, with bottom of the pyramid—the “small” players that seldom receive help.

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