Traffic lights equipped with solar panels in Bamako

Traffic lights equipped with solar panels in Bamako as a response to the recurring question of regulating road traffic


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BAMAKO Capitale politique de la République du Mali
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About the project Edit

If the high number of road accidents is in part due to a few reckless drivers, it remains more than these numerous consequences that are dependent on the rules of the road that are insufficient in our African capitals like Bamako. To deal with this difficulty and the authorities that are aware that Bamako is developing relatively more quickly than the infrastructures.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

What is unique and creative about this project is that red lights are regulated by a server that is installed in the roundabouts and major arteries. The flexible and sophisticated system allows lights to self-regulate according to the volume of traffic and time of day. During less busy hours, mainly late in the night, lights flash permanently orange. New installations in Sahelia are distinguishable by their significant size. They stand a bit like giant rectangular signals topped with a photovoltaic plate. Their huge, deep base contains storage batteries (accumulators). The pole tower supports two second-by-second timing systems on lit screens. It is a device that is resistant to shocks because of its size and the robust materials that it is made of. The system is highly autonomous. One day of sunshine is all that the accumulators need to store currents to work for three days. This is delay is enough to shut down for system repairs.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

It is an additional supply for road safety that gives users confidence when they use certain arteries in the City of Bamako. The new devices help keep road users safe since they are equipped with an electronic timing mechanism that lets users know how much time they have left at the lights and when to start up. The benefit of this is not only to lessen impatience, but to avoid angry horn honking and mostly to save lives.

Lights are equipped with solar energy panels which means less cost to consumers. The panels produce is not only energy that is free, but is also and mostly non-polluting for the environment. In fact, cutting roads to install huge underground cables is no longer required and a few streets already benefit from this inexpensive energy at nightfall.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

This initiative can be replicated and has a huge potential for expansion because it is welcome by users and Mali’s Compagnie de la circulation routière (CCR) which is a road traffic company. Thanks to this project, the number of roundabouts equipped with traffic lights in the City of Bamako has gone from 20 to more than 80. Excluding the interior of the country where the need is by no means insignificant, the need is still growing in the capital. Also more than regulating traffic, this innovative project lights streets, public buildings and monuments in the cities.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The project’s triggering factors are:

. the rapid development of the City of Bamako along with the construction of dirt roads, bridges and exchangers where use must be regulated

. the existence of the natural resource; in other words, available in all seasons, the sun is the project’s base raw material

. road safety has become a major concern for communal authorities dealing with the development of the Bamako district

What is the business model of this project? Edit

This project is based on a simple business model oriented on public-private partnership.

In terms of operations, in a time of decentralization for the district of Bamako in Mali and in the exercise of mastering local work, to associate private operators through valorization of local skills in their professionalization and specialization. And this by using local and available natural resources to resolve priority questions asked in Mali’s development.

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