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Odza, Yaoundé
CM Cameroon
Web http://www.association-urbatic.org/


About the project Edit

Urbanet is a project that aims to assist decentralized local collectives. Urbanet is a pairing of urbanism and new technologies. The Cameroonian regional authorities can already see the effectiveness of the authority that they have gained through the decentralization that was effected only a short time ago. However, they still lack the human and financial resources necessary to carry out their projects. Furthermore, they remain very limited in terms of digital technology. Urbanet aims to assist regional authorities in this decentralization process by helping them better accomplish their urban and digital projects and above all, to develop new urban practices using IT.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Communities in Camaroon are falling behind the rest of the world in their integration of new technologies with urban practices. IT will facilitate the development of innovative urban practices.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Sharing projects of the communes with their citizens who can then easily voice their opinions.
-Providing the communes with internet access to facilitate local development.
-Providing the communes with a means of communicating with their citizens and other partners in development.
- Bolstering the image of the communes and making them known internationally.

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