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A propos du projet Éditer

In January 2013 was launched the first SparkTour with Adèle and Karine, to connect journalists with changemakers all around the world, in relation with Sparknews (

A year later, in early 2014, a new project will start with a similar goal and specially designed for South Africa: the first SparkTour Africa!

En quoi ce projet est-il singulier et créatif ? Éditer

A system that shows its limits. As shown by the 2008 economiccrisis, our current system is unsustainable and requires economic, social and environmental adjustments. With our short-term oriented model, wealth is created as quickly as poverty and inequality. The race for profit and our unsustainable life exhausted each day a little more finite resources of the planet. Movements like “Occupy” show that civil society is ready to take charge of its future. Unfortunately, these movements don’t offer concrete alternatives.

Solutions emerging worldwide. Many people have become aware of globa issues that affect us all, and they actively participate in the paradigm shift in which we find ourselves. Their innovative initiatives help to improve society in many different fields: education, health, environment, access to water, energy, new technologies, etc.

The media have an influence on society. At the same time, we observe that the media are increasingly present in our daily life. They have a vital role: to inform and alert public opinion. However, we also note that they tend to focus on problems, which leads to fatalistic attitudes in individuals who have the potential qualities to become involved in their communities.

Use the media to spread solutions. In this case, why not use the power of media in a positive way? It is important to alert the public about injustices, but it is equally essential to relay and highlight sustainable solutions that are emerging around the globe. Inspiring action and fostering change, these reports allow best practices to develop and initiate a new ideal. This is called “impact journalism”.

Quelle est la plus-value sociale du projet ? Éditer

By highlighting the innovative solutions all around South Africa, this projects aims to inspire action and create change.

Quel est le potentiel de déploiement de cette initiative ? Éditer

The first SparkTour Africa will take place in South Africa from February to August 2014. In 2015 a similar project will be launched in an other African country.

Quel a été le facteur déclenchant de ce projet ? Éditer

The African example on the social and environmental level? Often dubbed “the rainbow nation” because of its cultural diversity, South Africa is the economic powerhouse of the African continent (especially thanks to large mineral resources). South Africa is also a place where inequalities are visible and create tensions between social classes. In twenty years, South Africa has witnessed the emergence of a “mixed” generation that aims to boost the rest of the country. Some of them are already agents of change and want that South Africa stays an economic example in Africa, and becomes also a reference on the social and environmental level.

A major event. In April 2014, the world will have eyes riveted on South Africa for the fifth general elections (presidential and legislative) since the end of apartheid in 1994. An opportunity not to be missed to present to the largest number of people the initiatives that make sense, and to better understand the political, economic and social issues that are the foundation of society.

Challenges ahead. While the South-African media focus on issues related to AIDS, poverty, growing of inequalities and crime, the SparkTour Africa aims to connect journalists with changemakers, to spread the innovative solutions locally and all over the country. Thus, these initiatives will inspire action and create change!

Quel est le modèle économique de ce projet ? Éditer

The SparkTour Africa is an association which is supported by individuals and organizations.

Ce projet met-il en œuvre une forme d'intelligence collective et si oui, en quoi ? Éditer

Ce projet participe-t-il de la protection de l’environnement, et plus généralement, de la transition écologique ? Si oui, en quoi ? Éditer

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