Vitamin B12 Detector

An Advancement in Cutting Edge Technology for Rural Area to Detect Vitamin B12 for Pernicious Anemia


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Mysore, Karnataka
IN Inde
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The current innovation is the concept of simple, sensitive and inexpensive visual colorimetric detection for vitamin B12.
Aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) act as probes which cause dramatic color change from red solution to blue.

Profile: Sagaya Selvakumar L is a third year doctoral student at Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) under Prof. M.S thakur, Cheif Scientist.

Guide- Prof.M.S.Thakur

Institute- Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore

Recently, Sagaya has submitted his thesis entitled "Studies on the biosensing techniques for the analysis of vitamin B12 in selected foods".
His core interest is in Biosensor, Immunosensors, Biophotonics, Nanosensors, Aptasensor, Vitamin B12.
He was selected for “8th Technology Led Entrepreneurship Programme” for PhD scholars conducted by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, held at IICT, Hyderabad from July 4-18, 2011.
His work on dipstick based chemiluminescence were part of Nature Highlight in April 2012.

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Uniqueness is the visual detection of vitamin B12 using inexpensive AuNPs as signal enhancer with duration of 15 minutes in analysis.

The biosensor’s limit of detection was 100 mg/ml. The researchers tested the efficacy of the biosensor using samples containing vitamin B12.

Natural RNA or DNA aptamer is nuclease sensitive, therefore, nuclease resistant aptamer are generated for biosensing application by replacing costly antibodies.

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This method provides not only an alternative method to the current lab detection, but also a way for early screening of vitamin B12 as “Yes or No”, especially for clinical fields and looking for possible alternative food sources for vitamin B12 for developing countries.

This concept can be applied by any person, at home or in the field, to detect anycontaminants, carcinogens and hazardous materials in the food- clinical and environmental samples.

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Visual based prototype needs improvisation for quantitative detection with the help of hand heldspectrophotometer to measure the intensity of colour.

Aptamer research in India should be in forefront as statistics of biosensor market shows that next generation of diagnostics are in the hands of aptamer biosensor specialist. The applications of aptamers are so numerous that studies describing their use appear in the literature on a weekly basis.

The results and developments described show how aptamer technology is rapidly maturing from a simple research tool into a major technology with commercial potential.

Given that aptamers mimic and extend many of the features of monoclonal antibody reagents, we must expect a similar development of commercial applications over the next few years.

In addition, the rapid expansions of our understanding in interactions with nanoparticles are likely to spur newer formulations of the basic aptamer concept. It is clear that no one working in the field of molecular microbiology can ignore the potential of aptamer technology any longer.

And I wish to be a pioneer of this technology.

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Innovations in developing new protocols based on aptamers and nanotechnology are helping in improving the survival rate and the life quality of masses affected by serious, life-threatening diseases or deficiencies.

With a concerted effort, concept could not only reduce the cost of food safety field assays, but also allow for widespread implementation of those assays by local health inspection agencies thereby empowering them with the tools necessary to enhance public health protection.

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